What is the right price for your New Hampshire house?

Amy Houston
Pricing your house to sell

Are you curious about selling your house in the greater NH Seacoast region? Did you know that we are in a "Sellers market"? This means that the demand for your house is high because the inventory is low. There are more buyers approved by a lender and ready to buy, but there just not enough houses for them to consider.  I will help you understand what is happening in this Fall season and what changes and strategies work for pricing your house. My goal is the to bring you top-dop dollar and a smooth transaction.

The NH real estate market seems to be changing but just slightly. Over the summer many saw 100 showings in a two day weekend period and houses were under contract within days. Crazy numbers like that are not happening as much these days but the numbers are still on the upper side with maybe 25 +/- showings per weekend. 

Over the summer many sales closed higher than the list price. These houses are now filling the Multple Listing Service and being used by real estate agents as comparalbes for their new clients. When agents try to price a new listing they show their sellers the prices of the recently closed properties over the past 3-6 months. They are seeing houses that sold in bidding-wars due to large crowds showing up at their open houses. They see these houses closing at $20K, $40K and even higher over-asking price so they decide to suggest these same high prices to their sellers.  It's just not working. The houses priced at top-dollar sit on the market for weeks. I have even seen some withrawn from the market because they did not sell in months. Many have to drop their prices one, two or even times. This is opposite of what should be happening. 

In my opinion, the market may not be changing as fast as some may think. Houses are not selling because they are not being priced right. I think you need to see the bigger picture and choose the right strategy. 

If you have been thinking about a move and need to sell your New Hampshire house, give me a call today. I want to explain how I will price your house to sell as fast as possible and at top-dollar.  603-944-1456.

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